side effects and contraindications tea blends

Possible side effects and contraindications Caban™ tea blends  

!! For all herbs used: If you have a diagnosis and /or using medication, consult with your doctor, specialist and /or pharmacy before you start using it. Especially when using sedative medication !!

The benefits of medicinal herbs may no longer be described by law, we cannot inform you about this publicly. If you would like to receive more information when you want to purchase on of our products about the herbs used, we advise you to search for information via Google or to send us an email with your question and send this email to  the e-mail will be answered within 48 hours.

Below you will find a list that is as complete as possible with the best known side effects and /or contraindications! This information comes from various sources specialized in herbs and we have worked it out as carefully as possible for you.

Despite the fact that we collect and share information very carefully, you are responsible for an additional check of the use of the tea with regard to your health. You cannot hold us responsible for the use of these types of tea if an (unexpected) reaction occurs.





As far as the information reaches, there are no known side effects (yet).


Blackberry Leaf

As far as the information reaches, there are no known side effects (yet).


Lemon alm Tea

Don’t use lemon balm when you’re suffering a glaucoma An eye condition in which the fluid pressure inside the eye rises to a level higher than healthy for the eye) Lemon balm will only increase the pressure.


Lemon grass

Possible side effects of lemon grass can be an increased appetite, dry mouth, dizziness, fatigue and the need to urinate more often. An allergic reaction like itchiness, trouble breathing, increased heart rate or skin rash should always be consulted by a doctor. Avoid lemongrass during pregnancy, when you have low potassium or when you use prescribed diuretics or with low heart rate.


As far as the information reaches, there are no known side effects (yet).



As far as known, ginger only has side-effects when overused. The side effects differ from skin and mouth irritation to diarrhea


Green Tea

When over used, green tea can cause abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, insomnia and confusion.


Goji Berries

Goji berries contain a low amount of Atropine, a toxin. When you use goji berries in normal doses there will be no side-effects. Only when over-used it can cause insomnia, dizziness, dry mouth, change in sweat production and arrhythmia.


Marigold (Calendula):

Don’t use marigold during pregnancy or when you breast feed. There are no other side-effects or contraindications known thus far.


Hemp leaf

Hemp leaf isn’t weed or cannabis. Hemp leaf does contain a low amount of CBD. It absolutely doesn’t get you high nor stoned.



Don’t use when you suffer from hypotension  ( low blood pressure) since hibiscus will lower the blood pressure.  Hibiscus has effect on the estrogen levels, mostly with women. It mostly has effect when you use birth control pills and hormonal therapy. Don’t use when pregnant or when breast feeding.


Jasmin tea

Jasmine tea contains caffeine which makes it harder to fall asleep or it may cause restless sleep. It is also possible that you’ll get dizzy or irritable. It can also cause headache, nausea and vomiting when over- used.

Don’t use when you have liver or kidney problems, ulcers or high blood pressure. Caffeine will increase anxious and panicky feelings.  Sometimes it works together, sometimes it opposes. Always consult a doctor when used with medication!



Sometimes there can be side-effects like nausea and vomiting when over- used. Very rarely it can cause an allergic reaction. It is advised to not use chamomile when you use blood thinners since chamomile is a natural blood thinner. Also don’t use chamomile during pregnancy or when breast feeding.


As long as you use cinnamon in small doses it is safe and there are multiple health benefits. Don’t exceed these amounts. From Cassia cinnamon that is 1 teaspoon a day, the Ceylon cinnamon 2.5 teaspoons a day. De Coumarine cinnamon can have serious side-effects when over used.


We know two kinds of cinnamon. The Cassia Cinnamon or regular cinnamon and is the most used kind. The Ceylon cinnamon is better known as ‘real’ cinnamon and is less bitter in taste.

When you over-use cinnamon there is a chance of liver damage, mouth ulcer and lowered blood sugar.



Cardemon is in the same family as ginger. There are no known side-effects except a possible allergic reaction. Don’t use during pregnancy or when breast feeding


Corn flower

On 1 litre of water use 20 grams of corn flower max. Thus far there are no known side-effects.



When used in great amounts, cloves cause damage to the liver. When used in normal doses cloves have a possitive effect on the liver ( and much more)


Lavender tea

DON’T use during pregnancy. It is not completely clear yet whether or not lavender has effect on the hormones during pregnancy and possibly on the unborn child. Sometimes it can cause headache or increased appetite. Don’t use for boys during puberty it can cause hormonal disbalance.
3 cups of lavender tea per day max.


Lime-tree blossom

When used for long periods of time or in big amounts lime-tree blossom can have effect on the nerve system and have negative effects on the heart



Mistletoe should not be used by children since mistletoe is a toxic plant ( the berries mostly)  Mistletoe is a herb that contains tyramine. People who use MAO-type drugs because of depression should NOT use mistletoe because of the risk of dangerously high blood pressure.



(Pepper) Mint can cause a minor headache, heartburn or mouth ulcers. Pregnant women and children are advised to not drink (pepper)mint tea. When you suffer from heart problems or gallstones it is advised to NOT use any (pepper) mint. When you drink (pepper) mint tea and use any medication it can be that the medication will be less absorbed by the body, or not absorbed at all. When using iron supplements it can also be that the body won’t absorb it when using (pepper) mint



When you over-use sage it can happen that your skin will be irritated. A dry mouth, dizziness, vomiting and palpitations may occur. Don’t use more than 4 grams of fresh sage a day. Minimalize the use of sage during pregnancy.


Orange Peel

As far as the information reaches, there are no known side effects (yet).



As far as the information reaches, there are no known side effects (yet).


Saint John’s Wort

It is known that St John’s worth can have an interaction with other medication. Do you use any kind of medication, please ask your pharmacist if you can use st. John’s wort safely. Also when you have bought medication without prescription.


Rose hips

As far as the information reaches, there are no known side effects (yet)

when used less than 3 grams of only rose hips a day.


Rose and/or Rose blossom

As far as known it doesn’t have any side-effects when used normally. Of course it is always possible for an allergic reaction to occur. Yet we advise to not use any rose during pregnancy or with a maximal use of 3 cups a week.


Valerian root

It happens to few people that they valerian root causes

stomach and intestinal problems like abdominal pain and nausea. It causes sleepiness when over-used.



Are you allergic to celery or carrots? Then it’s possible you will have a reaction to fennel tea because they’re related to these plants and allergens. If you are suffering from breast cancer, or getting treatment for it DON’T use fennel, the effects of the estrogens can have a really negative effect and cause real bad complications.

Don’t use fennel during pregnancy or when breast feeding.


Elderberry / Elder blossem

Elderberries can have effect on the immune system, and activate it. Nevertheless that there are little amounts of elderberries in tea, we advice to not use elderberry when suffering from an auto-immune disease because the use of elderberry will cause the immune system to attack the body. DON’T use when you use medication like Azathioprine, prednisone and other medication that has effect on the immune system. Some auto-immune diseases are rheumatoid arthritis, Chrone disease and  Ulcerative colitis. Check your situation and seek advice from a pharmacist / doctor!


Lady’s Mantle

During pregnancy only use in consultation with the midwife/ doctor.
Do you have want to have children and are you working on it? Then don’t use lady’s mantle because it affects the menstrual cycle. When used for longer periods of time or when over-used it can cause problems with the liver.


Black tea

Black tea can cause insomnia and it increases the secretion of acid in the stomach. Sometimes it can cause constipation and high blood pressure. It also decreases the potassium and sodium levels in the blood.

DON’T use during pregnancy or when breast feeding. For people with heart problems and/or a tachycardia we also advise not to use black tea.



Note: This information comes from different sources, specialized in the use of herbs and is processed as carefully as possible. Despite the fact that we gather our information very carefully and share our findings with you, you still are responsible for extra checks before using the tea in regards of your health. We cannot be held accountable for unexpected side-effects when using these kinds of tea. Always consult your doctor when you are in doubt if you can use (certain) herbal teas safely.






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