• Palo Santo sticks
    Palo Santo sticks

    Our Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) has its origine from Peru. It's called 'holy wood' because it blossoms during Christmas time and the wood is characterized by a natural Aroma.

    € 3,50
  • Palo Santo chips
    Palo Santo chips

    Our Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) has its origine from Peru. It's called 'holy wood' because it blossoms during Christmas time and the wood is characterized by a natural Aroma.

    € 3,75
  • Palo Santo melt wax
    Palo Santo melt wax

    Melt wax 6 cubes in a package

    € 4,75
  • temporarily sold out-Tijdelijk uitverkocht

    Palo Santo water
    Palo Santo water

    Our Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) has its origine from Peru. It's called 'holy wood' because it blossoms during Christmas time and the wood is characterized by a natural Aroma.

    € 14,99
  • Turkey feather
    Turkey feather

    turkey feather

    € 9,00
  • charcoal tablets
    charcoal tablets

    charcoal tablets
    Golden Temple 33 mm

    save way of burning your incense resin, incense powder, etc.
    1 rol (10 tablets)

    € 1,50
  • Brush

    Brush for cleansing the incense sieve
    7.5×5.5 cm

    Once you have finished burning your incense and/or resins, the small holes of the sieve can be closed by the melted

    € 5,00

Palo Santo

February 17, 2019: The last weeks there was some disturbing news about Palo Santo on the internet. But internet often provides 'news' that is not entirely correct. So digging myself, digging even deeper to see what is true or not. 

We, CabanGems, have decided to STOP with the sale of Palo Santo. The reason is simple, the Palo Santo tree is now on the threatened spieces list and will find his/ her downfall if we continue to use the sacred wood in this way. Palo Santo has female and male trees. The female will get about 40 years old, the male 200 years.

The tree naturally releases the wood from the tree, causing it to fall to the ground. The wood can only be collected after 4 to 10 years. During this period nature donates the special perfume to this wood and 'ripens' it through. The trees are not damaged, it is a completely natural process. 

Because there us a huge demand for Santo, in the direction of the western countries in particular, many trees are cut down instead of the natural release of the wood. 

We do not support this way of 'harvesting' and we can no longer guarantee that we will have  the Palo Santo, holywood, which has been acquired in a proper and sustainable way without damaging Mother Earth! 

There are certainly companies that harvest and treat the trees with the greatest respect, in the way it should be. But because I've never been in Peru and will not be in the near future, we cannot guarantee it will be harvest this way.

To cleanse you can use sage, sweet grass, mugwort, cedar to cleanse instead of using the holywood. Most important is your intention in how you cleanse and why.




Our Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens) comes from Peru. It's called 'holy wood' because it blossoms during Christmas time and the wood is characterized by a natural Aroma.

Palo Santo is often used for meditations and house cleansing (see below). Palo Santo can be used to improve the energy flow in the physical body as well and for purification . It removes negative energy, de-stresses and brings tranquility

Palo Santo is a hundred percent natural wood; you can burn them for a few seconds to a minute. They extinguish themselves, filling a space with a sweet, soft and woody fragrance.

The Palo Santo is harvested under government supervision of the natives of the South Americans jungles. The wood is only collected from the ground after 4 to 10 years. When the twigs and branches have naturally dropped the pieces the will collect the wood. During this period the wood ripens in essence of reaching its curative power.

- No trees are destroyed in the collection of its wood -




Apart from cleaning our house and ourselves through a soapy water or a shower, it is just as important to cleanse energetically. This way you monitor and will keep the balance. A tidy and clean house gives an empty tidy head. It is just as important to cleanse your mind, mental setting and your aura and get rid of that which no longer serves you.

Energetic cleaning can be done in many ways, it is mainly about the intention with which you cleanse. Body, mind and space, a pure intention is always cleansed and stripped of the energies that do not belong to you or in space.

Positive thoughts can prevent a lot of misery and certainly also heal parts. Mentally, mentally and physically, but vice versa this also applies.

By energetically cleansing you actually throw in a loving way everything from your home, negative energy from fellow residents, visitors and certainly also from entities that have been able to attach themselves to you outside, during shopping, your work and others. Or those who have come yet but cannot be of service to you and hinder you in your (spiritual / consciousness) growth. Entities can certainly also be negative. Does it feel heavy when you step inside your home? Are you sleeping badly, very tired, feeling you are being stared at you, pets whose behavior has changed? Or do you suddenly have a fit of anger, mood swings? The first advice I give is to energetically clean your home, co-residents, including your animals and of course yourself and get rid of that which is no longer in your interest.

When cleaning, make sure your intent is always good and pure, from your heart, not from the ego and certainly not if you are stressed, angry or irritated.

If you want protection during cleaning, ask the Archangel, your guide to guide, protect and help you. Do not forget to thank the Archangel or your guide for their help at the end of the cleaning. Or use a prayer.

Make sure your first energetically cleans yourself. Then start at the lowest level, place of the house and go up. Make sure you use your hand or a spring to smoke the smoke through the room, also in the corners! Especially in old houses there are more cracks and holes. Personally, I keep the windows closed until the top layer, space is cleaned, the window can open. After that, all windows and doors open equally.

Do not forget to say a word of thanks at the end of the treatment.

After purging, walk around for a while, even if it's a minute, step back inside and experience the difference! My personal experience is that it feels empty, really empty and that the rooms feel much bigger. There is peace.
Of course this is a description of the many possibilities that are available. Clean in the way that suits you, feels nice and feels good. As mentioned earlier, the intention is the most important before and during the purification.
Having a standard basic set at home is handy, so you always have something in-house to clean as soon as you feel it is necessary.

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