Sananda is the ascended master better known as Jesus of Nazareth. This incense is very soft in fragrance but powerful. We advise to burn this incense in small quantities at times of rest in order to be able to experience the unity

    € 8,95
  • NEW


    A really powerful cleansing blend to remove negative energie and/or itentities from your home, your aura and your loved ones. This very powerful incense will provide a strong protection shield as well.
    Don't forget to cleanse whe

    € 7,99
  • 'Song of LOVE'
    'Song of LOVE'

    Through this beautiful ´Song of LOVE´ incense you will receive unconditional love

    € 9,50
  • 'Inner Child'
    'Inner Child'

    Are you ready to free your Inner Child? A real powerful incense to free your Inner Child from trauma with the protection of unconditional love. Going very deeply, is a heavy but sweet incense that helps to transform grief, anger a

    € 9,25
  • 'Wings of Compassion'
    'Wings of Compassion'

    'Wing of Compassion' is a magical and powerful incense to burn when you feel alone, desperate, and lonely fly high on the wings of compassion to the experience of feeling unconditional love from the Divine energies. And realize yo

    € 9,99
  • Dragon's Breath
    Dragon's Breath

    A gentle but powerful energy guided by the dragon’s energies from the Hollow Earth. This powerful energy makes you firmly grounded and works purifying and cleansing. Take your time and this incense will put you in a resignation

    € 8,99
  • 'Time to Dream'
    'Time to Dream'

    'Time to Dream' it's all in the name. This lovely incense with a spicy soft fragrance will help you to relax and find peace within yourself. You will stop thinking and will start to feel rosy. When you close your eyes, take some

    € 8,50
  • Personal incense blend
    Personal incense blend

    Personal created incense blend
    To connect with my guides and the Univers a special and personal blend will be created for you. You will receive a message or e-mail with what came through. Due to this information the incense blend

    € 12,95
  • Green man
    Green man

    Green Man
    100% natural ingredients

    A soft, warm and minty scent, not dominant. This incense helps you to ground properly. The 'Green Man' takes you to the magical Hollow Earth

    € 9,50
  • 'Full Moon'
    'Full Moon'

    Full moon incense: Self-reflection - Psychic sensitivity - astral travel – dreams - visualization – creation.
    The moon signifies our soul, has influence on our feelings, responses to ourselves and others

    € 9,75
  • Anti stress
    Anti stress

    This soft floral fragrance with a hint of sandalwood supports self-love and your self-esteem. Helps you to let go of frustrations and gives you calmness. Gives you the feeling that a warm blanket has been laid over you

    € 8,25
  • Twin soul
    Twin soul

    Twin soul
    100% natural ingredients
    This incense blend is ​​composed in such a way that it creates a harmonious feeling. It can almost enchant

    € 7,99
  • Mayan time
    Mayan time

    Mayan time
    100% natural ingredients

    A special scent ligneous and forest with a touch of menthol, very relaxing. A magial journey along with your ancestors to past

    € 8,25
  • Vampire blood
    Vampire blood

    Vampire blood
    100% natural ingredients
    Inspires your will & moral force, vigor, peace & wellbeing.

    € 8,25
  • Turkey feather
    Turkey feather

    turkey feather

    € 9,00
  • charcoal tablets
    charcoal tablets

    charcoal tablets
    Golden Temple 33 mm

    save way of burning your incense resin, incense powder, etc.
    1 rol (10 tablets)

    € 1,50
  • Brush

    Brush for cleansing the incense sieve
    7.5×5.5 cm

    Once you have finished burning your incense and/or resins, the small holes of the sieve can be closed by the melted

    € 5,00

Incense blends

The Caban incense collection are blends created by us in connection with the Universe, the Hollow Earth, and/or my teacher, guide and guardian. All the blends are created within the light and purity.

The blends are created with natural ingredients like herbs, wood, essential oil and/or in combination with natural grain incenses and therefor 100% natural.

Available blends at this moment:

  • Personal created incense
  • Inner Child
  • Wings of Compassion
  • Dragon's Breath
  • Time to Dream
  • Gaia
  • Song of Love
  • Green Man
  • Inner Soul
  • Full Moon
  • Vampire
  • Soul connection
  • Mayan time
  • 4 Elements


The CabanGems incense blends arise spontaneously, often unexpectedly. Whether I walk in the woods, walking the dogs or during a moment of relaxation. That are the times that I feel the magic very intens and fierce, a blessing.  All the incense blends are 100% natural. Our blends are a mixture of materials from the woods, herbs, flowers, essential oils and/or resin incenses.

Our incense blends are one of a kind, unique, not to find elsewhere.

Besides our own blends you can combine them, if you like, with the resin incenses.

Incense supplies you will find here


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